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Maverick’s Start

August 27, 2013

I’m not sure how anyone could have seen my Maverick and not taken him home immediately. All I know is that I couldn’t, and from his first baby photos I was hooked. Hooked enough anyway to drive four hours into Lancaster, PA to pick Maverick up, the last of his litter to go home. I cannot say how grateful I am that the breeder did not euthanize him at birth as so many others would have. As a purebred Miniature Australian Shepard, there were concerns that he would not able to do the things he wanted so badly to do with a deformed front right leg. Nuts to that, I said!

At 4 months old now, I can see that Maverick has a long way to go with his future rehabilitation. We need to amputate at the shoulder in another month or two but the adjustment will be quick as he barely uses the leg now. We have started working to strengthen his core muscles and will start puppy classes soon. I am looking into a canine rehabilitation therapist to help us after surgery. I am Maverick’s biggest cheerleader and will forever be.

As a vet tech I will be forever thankful for my contacts with orthopedic surgeons. This makes our journey so much easier than others I have witnessed. The only thing I am nervous about is Maverick’s age. I have helped so many older dogs recover from amputation but have not yet seen the long term effects in a younger amputation patient. Any suggestions are always welcome.

As updates progress, I’ll post them here.

5 Responses to “Maverick’s Start”

  1. BarretsMomHeather said:

    Lancaster, PA? That’s where we’re located 🙂 Once Maverick is all healed we should have a tripawd play date for east coasters!

  2. benny55 said:

    I could only see the tiny photo of Maverick on your “blog block” on the other page…..but he’s adorable! And what a Saint you are for bringing that sweet boy into your heart forever!

    Suggest downloading all of Jerry’s books and there is a TON of info nere n rehabilitaion, massage, acupuncture…all sorts of good stuff. If you have hardwoods, scatter rugs are pretty important..

    As a puppy, yor hardest part will be making him take it real easy after surgery….no jumping, stairs, etc. But I’m sure you already now all that stuff.

    Maverick may have had a rough beginning and a few more challenges to see but he’ll be loved and spoiled forever now and that’s really all that matters!

    Look forward to hearing more about his journey and seeing more pictures! We love pictures around here.


    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3. fourminipups said:

    I’m partial to minis so just hearing about Maverick makes me smile. He is a very brave puppy and he will probably adapt without a second thought. There are a few more puppy amps on here that can probably give you better info, but I understand they never even know they are missing a leg.

    Make sure he has an elevated bowl even though he isn’t a big dog. It does make a difference.

    We look forward to seeing pictures. Keep us updated.

    Luanne and Shooter

  4. jerry said:

    Maverick won the lotto, he couldn’t have picked a better pack to spend his amazing life with! You’re a vet tech too? That’s pawesome. You are very conscientious and informed when it comes to life on three legs, and I know you’ll have lots of tips for us as well as far as your own vet clinic experience goes.

    When it comes to younger Tripawds, as I mentioned in your forum post, they will develop arthritis well in advance of their four-legged counterparts. The body has to make up for the loss of a limb somehow right? But the good news is, you can control how severe the impact is, by regulating his activity, not letting him overdo playtime and ensuring that his weight is on the slender side. These seemingly little things will go very far in keeping him pain-free.

    Hope that helps. Stay active in the Forums and you’ll find lots more tips as time goes by. Thanks for being a part of the community!

  5. mavericksmom said:

    Thanks for the welcome, everyone! I can have all the technical experience in the world but nothing can override the knowledge you get from living with a tripaw.

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