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Maverick’s PT visits

March 7, 2014

Hi everyone, sorry to take so long to update! We’ve had some sick puppies this past week but no worries- everyone is better now and all chewed up toys are safely in the garbage can now 🙂 It’s amazing what a dog is able swallow whole when they know you’re coming to take it away.

So everyone knows that I am a HUGE believer in canine physical therapy, especially since my Mav goes consistently. Would he have recovered without it, sure. Would he be in top physical condition and ready to take on the world with this amount of flexibility, heck no. Physical therapy gave us the tools to provide Maverick with the best chance of a long, happy life. It really helps that he thinks its all a big game.

The most important thing to remember is that its up to you to follow through on everything you learned in therapy. Going to a session once a month means nothing if you don’t commit to sitting down once a day and doing your stretches and massage. It doesn’t take as long as you think, just a few minutes while you’re sitting on the couch relaxing with your best best friend is the perfect time.

I promise to upload some of our photos at PT later tonight!

4 Responses to “Maverick’s PT visits”

  1. jerry said:

    Hey Maverick! You are a GREAT spokesdawg for the benefits of PT. We hope you have a fantastic session, can’t wait to see the pix!

  2. jerry said:

    Oh my I just re-read the first part about the sick puppies! I’m so glad they’re OK. Scary!!

  3. mavericksmom said:

    We had a lot of doggie puke but I’m just glad they brought all foreign material up themselves and no one needed surgery. This tough winter has really taken a toll on the toys. Remember everyone, check your toys- if you can get pieces off, so can they!

  4. benny55 said:

    Geez, glad everyoneis okay!! You nailed it when you said how amazngnit was that dogs could swallow something whole if they think you are trying to take it away!

    You are a steller example of the benefits of PT! Wonderful to hear how wel Maverick is doing!j K read in or other post he stands on his rear legs fr 20 seconds…amazng!

    Keep showng ’em how it’s dne Maverick!!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

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